Shape the Future Generationđź’ś

Written by American psychologist Barry Schwartz and first published in 2004 by Harper Perennial

He wrote this book. In it, he breaks his ideas down into terms that you and I can underdstand. He demonstrates to us ,”how the dramatic explosion in choice—from the mundane to the profound challenges of balancing career, family, and individual needs—has paradoxically become a problem instead of a solution and how our obsession with choice encourages us to seek that which makes us feel worse.”

The extent of a person’s negative liberty is, as it were, a function of what doors, and how many are open to them; upon what prospects they open; and how open they are.

(Ibid., p.xlviii)

‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.’

Brad Meltzer

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