ADHD Nervous System – Strength Based Model ♥️

Sometimes discrimination is part of the structures and systems that we live in. Making sure not to judge someone based on whether their disability is visible or not is crucial. To make our world so rich and fulfilling we must help people achieve what they want to achieve, without destruction of stigma and discrimination. It should be at the highest importance of the individual in the UK.

The biggest challenge is not being understood. If we lose our voice or if we let those who speak on our behalf compromised our voice, within this country, then this country is in for a really bad social and economic environmental inequality. The determinants of poor health, include poverty, unemployment, homelessness and imprisonment. Also, there is a growing concern about unmet needs remaining a challenge to public health and society.

Since 2018, I have been researching about mental health problems and information on diagnosis and/or treatment. The talk to people on online and offline, an important part of community development, has highlighted what we can do to encourage and support ‘good help’.

Here are 10 ideas:

1. Bring together different people’s views 2. Embrace individual differences 3. Support things that can divide us 4. Treat them with respect 5. Not be allowed to be treated differently from other people 6. Small talk can save lives 7. Take a chance on them it’s about something bigger than ourselves 8. Understand the needs of local people and be passionate to help and support them 9. Re-focus to shape services to meet national & local needs & disabilities 10.The right to participate in making decisions that affect their lives.

Mocking my medical condition is hurtful, and I’d like you to stop.’ There is to much anger and hatred in the world today. So many people are willing to do something bad to become famous or popular.

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